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Town & Country Foods, Livingston, MT

Updated: Apr 15

 “Some people are just light, glow, hope... human stars." - - Butterfly Rising

I love good food and good people. If you're the same way, you need to head over to our local Town & Country Foods in Livingston, Montana. You might come for the food, but you'll keep coming back for the people. Especially this amazing lady, Luann.

Some people just shine so bright, smile so big, and fill your heart. I first met Luann in the checkout line, and then we realized we were both from Central Illinois. Small world! And since then, I always try to find her checkout line and get in it. She just makes my day. Her nails and outfit are always holiday-spirited. It just makes me feel full of glitter and fun!

Lets talk about the stuff we love.

I don't know how they do it, but they have THE BEST produce. Especially bananas 🍌. And I LOVE bananas. I always grab a handful of them and a bag of clementines. Easy, peasy, healthy snacks for on the go!


The kombucha craze is real y'all. I can't get enough. They have an amazing selection of all kinds at T&C. If you haven't tried it, give it a go. I love a bottle of kombucha after a long ski or run. It dates back to about 220 BC and is a fermented drink with healthy bacteria and yeast. A little fizzy, a little sweet, a lot of goodness!



If you love coffee, you'll love the selection at T&C. From k-cups to ground coffee bags, the world is your oyster. They also have a great selection of coffee beans and a grinder if you prefer the freshly ground stuff. Oh and instant coffee. And before you know instant coffee, you gotta try it. I have Nescafe Classico on my shelf and a decaf Mount Hagen one too. They are great in a pinch when you need coffee STAT!

As for one of my favorite coffee brands, check out Blue Bean Coffee Roasters at T&C. They are based out of Livingston, Montana too. Their coffee is fantastic. I love that you can find local brands at this grocery store. Blue Bean is also the coffee bean used at one of my favorite places ever - Perk on Park. You can check out my blog post on them here.

Protein Bars

Whether you hike, bike, fish, ski, run or ride horses, you need fuel. On the go, protein bars are a great snack to help you run those last miles. Or make it to the top of the mountain. There's a great selection of protein bars here for sure. The only problem is deciding which ones you like the most!

Thank you Town & Country Foods and Luann for all you do. You keep our bellies full and make the world a better place! Fly Fishing Fail loves ♥️ you!

Top 3 things I like:

●      They have freshly-brewed coffee in the back of the store for purchase. Sometimes on my way to work, I swing by, grab a cup of Joe, and a few work snacks before I hit the road to Bozeman.

●     Did I mention how awesome Luann is? It's worthing going to T&C just to say hi to her. And the rest of the team is so awesome. Special thanks to the amazing manager Shaw for letting me fulfill my life dream of trying to be a cashier. It was SO fun!!!

●      One time I ran into this rancher on my way into T&C. He was sitting on the bench outside eating a Wilcoxon's ice cream sandwich. For some reason, it made me stop and talk to him. I said it looks like a great day for an ice cream. And he said

yea, I know, you should try it. So I did!

Now, on summer days when I head to T&C, I always grab an ice cream bar from the case and then go sit with Winston on the bench out front. In a small town, you'll always run into someone you can chat with. And, people watching at the grocery store is soooo under-rated. There's an eclectic bit around these parts. So come sit with us if you see us out front. Ice cream bar on me!

Why I love this company:

Founded in 1966, T&C was started by Andrew (Andy) Perlinski, the son of a grocer, in Livingston, Montana. Today, you can find several T&C stores in Montana, but the Livingston store is the first! What is special about them is they are 100% employee owned and operated. Their tradition of providing excellent customer service and quality groceries at affordable prices still stands true today.

The Livingston location recently underwent an entry remodel, and it is gorgeous ⭐.

What Winston has to say:

Food! Oh my gosh! Food! This place has food. After meeting people, food is my second favorite thing. Mom always comes back with bags full of good food. Sometimes I try to eat them, so mom keeps a big cooler in the back of the car and puts the groceries in there so I can't get to them.

My Milkbones comes from here, so of course I love this place ♥️.

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