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Orvis Encounter Fly Rod

Updated: Apr 3

🫣*This blog post contains adult language!* Don't tell my Mom 🤫 🫣

Perk on Park Coffee Shop

In the world of fly fishing, time stands still and worries fade away. - Unknown

“Did you rent waders from us?” said the man in line ahead of me at the coffee shop.

“Not me,” I reflexively said, in a kind of pissed off way. I was hangry and in a hurry to get my coffee and pastry to go on a hike with Winston. I was ticked off that this guy thought I looked like someone who I wasn’t. Oh come on, really bro? Plus, who the hell has a store that rents pants to people? 

Entertainment by the locals

Well, turns out, sometimes it’s love at first sight. And sometimes it’s who the hell are you, why are you talking to me, and bugger off dude. 

First time in a raft...

Fast forward one week, and I find myself in this guy's raft with his waders on, with no clue where we are, no cell service, about 3 hours from my apartment, while it is pouring down rain, 40 degrees out, and the river rapids are moving pretty good. Are you worried about me yet? Because I am.

It was my first time in a raft, and about 5 minutes into our trip I looked down at my life-vest, the large boulders ahead, and turned around to this guy I barely knew and said, “so what happens if this thing flips?”

“Can you swim?” he said. 

Oh for fucks sake. Yes. I can swim dude, like a fucking mermaid 🧜, you should see my flip turns. But I rock it in swimming pools  🏊. This is a river! There are big rocks, boulders, freezing water, and for all I know, there are probably alligators in there too. And did you bring my goggles for me if I fall in 🥽?

Safety class...

He pulled the raft over to the side of the river and said, “You’re not going to fall out. But if you do, don’t panic, roll on your back, face up, feet forward and I’ll come get you.” Then he handed me his gloves to put on because my gas station ones were freezing.

I can’t appropriately verbalize what happened in that moment. I looked back at him, then down at his big warm, worn leather gloves on my hands and I could tell that 1) this guy knew what he was doing -- this dude was in his element, 2) he cared about me, 3) he was going to keep me safe, and 4) I started to fall for him 🥰. The mother fucker.

A few weeks later, he gave me this Orvis Fly Rod. And I fell in love with the rod, as much as I fell in love with the guy. Turns out that my hunch that day on the river was right. He is an expert. He has been a professional fishing guide for decades, and has sold high-quality gear in his stores for just as long. This is the starter fly rod he gave me. Need I say more?  Don’t take my word for it, take it from a pro. 

If I know what love is, it's because of you. - Herman Hesse

So go get your Orvis rod today, fall in love with it, the river, the fish, and the people around you. And be kind to the people you meet at coffee shops… you never know when you might end up in their boat or their bed.

Thank you Orvis for making an awesome rod!  And thanks to one awesome fisherman for teaching me it's okay to be me.

Things we love about the Rod:

  • Even a rookie can figure out how to put it together (connect the dots)

  • It’s tough and sturdy, and has been stuck in many a tree, and survived to fish again!

  • The case is awesome and easy to transport. It's Winston proof!

  • You can put some cool NoSo patches on the case to personalize it

Why we love Orvis: 

  • They have an entire website devoted to gear for beginner fly fisher people.

  • And awesome Intro to Fly Fishing videos here.

What Winston has to say: 

Fish? Huh? Kind of weird looking. Where the feathers at? I like the feathered things.

I think I like birds the most still. But when I see Mom put the Orvis rod in the car, I know we are off to have some water fun! So I'm down with that.

Mom can swim pretty good, it's true, but you should see me in the river! I've

swam across the Yellowstone many of

times 🐶. It's one of my favorite ♥️ things

to do.

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