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Goodr Sunglasses

You’re future is so bright, you better wear shades! 

Hey baby! You’re going to look so sexy in these shades!  What can I say, how can you not love Goodr? Their sunglasses just make me smile. That’s reason enough to buy them, but there’s so much more to their story. So let’s talk about it. 

“We are recklessly committed to fun” says their website, and I totally dig that! With a 1-year warranty, free 30-day returns, and a ton of colors and styles to choose from, Goodrs got it going on. You might initially think of them as a “cutesy” sunglasses brand, that might not be that functional. But this is where you are OH SO WRONG. These glasses stay on like no other sunglasses! Run. Fish. Hike. Bike. Ski. Soak. They do it all. Pretty flipping impressive!

For fly fishing, these are my absolutefavorites. And I also love them to drive in and run in. The wrap-arounds really protect your eyes and sit oh so comfortably on your nose. They are my go-to when I head out for a day of fishing. 

Oh, and don’t forget… Goodr sunglasses are polarized! Yay! And you’re going to want that to see those fishy fishy trying to bite at your fly. Goodr says their glasses are: All Polarized. No Bounce. No Slip. And after owning several pairs, they stand by their word. 

But don’t take my word for it, Goodr has won “Gear of the Year” by Runner’s World Magazine, and “Best Places to Work” by Inc. Magazine. To learn more about this awesome company you can check out their About Us page.

Things we love:

What I love most about Goodr is how I feel when I wear them. Even if I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, when I put on my Goodr sunglasses, I feel spunky, spirited and get a boost of energy! And if I’m feeling like a hot mess, and I don’t feel very pretty, as soon as I put on my Goodr’s, I feel a little (or a lot!), more put together. Thank you Goodr! 

Here are some of my favorite pairs:

(they name their sunglasses so well!)

For Fishing & Running: 


For Fun:


For Skiing


Get the ADORABLE case too for just $10

Top things I like about Goodr Sunglasses:

  • All of their sunglasses are FUN and FUNCTIONAL! 

  • They make me feel pretty

  • They stay on and never fall off no matter how active you are

  • The names of the sunglasses are SO AWESOME!

Why I like this company: 

Their CEO is Stephen Lease. He likes dogs (need I say more?), and seems like an all around good dude. You can learn more about him and his journey here.

What Winston has to say: 

I know when Mom puts the sunglasses on that we are going on an outdoor adventure. Yahoo!

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