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Garmin Tri-Tronics SPORT PRO Dog Collar

 “Any man of mine better be proud of me, even if I’m ugly, still gotta love me, and I can be late to a date that’s fine, but you better be on time." -Shania Twain

I like wild women, but men and dogs who are well behaved. Can I get an amen?! If you are a city girl like me, you have no idea what this is. Or why it is a MUST have if you have any dog. Especially a Chihuahua. Those things are ferocious!

We often fear what we do not understand.

Don’t let this manly/hunting vibe scare you off. Remember, what we fear are often the things we just don’t understand. So let me introduce you to the amazing Garmin Tri-Tronics SPORT PRO. If you have a dog, and you don’t have one, go buy it STAT! (And then go find an experienced trainer who will show you how to correctly use it.)


When I first got Winston, he sent me to his gun dog trainer. I am a bit slow with hand-eye coordination, so it took me a bit to get the rhythm down. But with practice and a great teacher, I’ve got it now! The trainer explained that this collar is part of Winston’s language. He was introduced to it as a puppy, and he’s worn it for his hunting career.

It lets you speak Dog!

This collar allowed me to grow my relationship with Winston, and it allows me to keep him safe when we are out and about. The collar is like our translator, so we can talk.

It has also, strangely, made me more confident in life. Working with Winston reminds me that I have agency, which is something I have been working on in therapy. This collar has helped me realize I can set healthy boundaries and expectations with the people around me. I can kindly ask for what I need and express myself.


Winston isn’t perfect. And I sure as hell am not. Together, Winston and I are working on NOT ever jumping on people. And especially NO jumping on car doors when someone stops to say Hi. But it’s oh so tempting for him to greet everyone with all his might!


Things we love.

What I really love about this collar is that there is no yelling in our relationship. Love never demands, it asks. If a correction is needed, that is done with the collar. So it’s not me yelling at him or getting frustrated. Here’s an example, if I ask Winson to sit, and for some reason he ignores me, he gets toned, and a short “beep” goes off on his collar. He knows that that “beep” means he needs to listen and kindly do what I am asking. And then when he does sit, I go, “Good dog!” so he knows I am so happy and proud that he did that for me.


I can’t say enough great things about this collar. So go get one if you are a dog mom or dad!


Top 3 things I like:

●      This veterinarian 100% approves of this collar because it facilitates a strong and healthy bond with your dog

●      The LED lights are awesome for early morning runs when it’s dark outside

●      Both the collar and the handheld control are rechargeable (no batteries needed! Yahoo!)

Why I like this company:

The CEO of Garmin is this interesting fellow, Clifton Pemble. I like his story - he has a Montana connection and most of all, he’s been with the company since it was a startup 30 years ago. I like the gritty folks who stick with it and are loyal to their team. Good job Clifton and Garmin! You make me a better dog mom.

What Winston has to say:

This collar is comfy. I can sleep in it. I can roll in it. I can swim in it. I can do it all!

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